The 11th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics



The goal of the competition is to compare different methodologies for software-based fingerprint liveness detection with a common experimental protocol and data set. The ambition of the competition is to become the reference event for academic and industrial research. The competition is not defined as an official system for quality certification of the proposed solutions, but may impact the state of the art in this crucial field, with reference to the general problem of security in biometric systems.



The growing large market of biometrics systems has attracted a number of companies. It is also necessary to match the performance of different sensor or cross sensor environment. Among ocular biometrics, sclera biometrics has gained its popularity since last few years. Due to the overwhelming successful completion of SSBC 2015, SSRBC 2016 and admirable popularity of SSERBC 2017, we plan to organize this proposed competition to benchmark sclera segmentation in cross sensor environment.