The 11th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics

Accepted Papers
Paper ID Paper Title
4 Fully Associative Patch-based 1-to-N Matcher for Face Recognition
20 Context-Aware Fusion for Continuous Biometric Authentication
27 Sheding Light on the Veins – Reflected Light or Transillumination in Hand-Vein Recognition
29 Detection of Glasses in Near-infrared Ocular Images
38 Hierarchical Multi-class Iris Classification for Liveness Detection
40 A meta-recognition based skin marks matching algorithm with feature fusion for forensic identification
46 On Effectiveness of Anomaly Detection Approaches against Unseen Presentation Attacks in Face Anti-Spoofing
49 Metadata-based Feature Aggregation Network for Face Recognition
50 Longitudinal Study of Child Face Recognition
53 De-mark GAN: removing watermark with generative adversarial network
59 Protecting Your Faces: MeshFaces Generation and Removal via High-order Relation-preserving CycleGAN
61 Comparative Study of Digital Fingerprint Quality Assessment Metrics
62 Multi-sample Compression of Iris Images using High Efficiency Video Coding
63 IARPA Janus Benchmark — C: Face Dataset and Protocol
64 Multifactor User Authentication with In-Air-Handwriting and Hand Geometry
65 TV-GAN: Generative Adversarial Network Based Thermal to Visible Face Recognition
74 Securing Minutia Cylinder Codes for Fingerprints through Physically Unclonable Functions: An Exploratory Study
75 Evaluation of PPG Biometrics for Authentication in different states
76 Fine-grained Multi-attribute Adversarial Learning for Face Generation of Age, Gender and Ethnicity
78 The Impact of Age and Threshold Variation on Facial Recognition Algorithm Performance using Images of Children
85 Conformal mapping of a 3D face representation onto a 2D image for CNN based face recognition
86 Filter Design Based on Spectral Dictionary for Latent Fingerprint Pre-Enhancement
95 Robust Minutiae Extractor: Integrating Deep Networks and Fingerprint Domain Knowledge
99 Improving 2D Face Recognition via Discriminative Face Depth Estimation
100 Verifying the Newborns without Infection Risks using Contactless Palmprints
103 Fingerprint Distortion Rectification using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
110 The Dark Side of the Face: Exploring the Ultraviolet Spectrum for Face Biometrics
111 Deep Cross Polarimetric Thermal-to-visible Face Recognition
112 Person Recognition Beyond The Visible Spectrum: Combining Body Shape and Texture from mmW images
116 Style signatures to combat Biometric menagerie in Stylometry
117 Exploiting Linguistic Style as a Cognitive Biometric for Continuous Verification
118 Fingerprint Synthesis: Evaluating Fingerprint Search at Scale
119 Improving Face Recognition by Exploring Local Features with Visual Attention
122 Two-Stream Part-based Deep Representation for Human Attribute Recognition
123 Boosting Face in Video Recognition via CNN based Key Frame Extraction
126 Evolutionary Methods for Generating Synthetic MasterPrint Templates: Dictionary Attack in Fingerprint Recognition
128 Predicting Eye Color from Near Infrared Iris Images
131 Semi-Adversarial Networks: Convolutional Autoencoders for Imparting Privacy to Face Images
139 Multi-spectral Iris Segmentation in visible Wavelengths
145 Robust Multi-spectral Imaging For Ocular Biometric